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Buying in bulk comes with endless meal opportunities 

Fill your freezer with Higginson Farms BEEF

Purchasing a custom mixed quarter, full side or whole beef is a great option for you and your family! We provide a form for you to fill out, called 'Bulk Beef Order Form'. It allows you to fully customize your order. We understand buying in bulk can be a larger investment; but investing those dollars in your local community, as well as filling your freezer with premium beef that is going to feed you, your family and friends, will result in a good return on investment. Have a financial barrier holding you back? Consider splitting the order with a friend and enjoy the beef and the savings!

Eye of Round roast

About the beef

  • We raise our cattle from birth to beef

  • Angus influenced herd

  • Grass-fed and grain finished

  • 21 day dry aged for increased tenderness and flavor

What you can expect in your bulk order:

  • Ground beef

  • Roasts including: eye of round, rump, sirloin tip and blade

  • Prime rib roast (optional)

  • Hamburger patties (All beef and spices) (optional)

  • Sausages (all beef and spices, regular or honey garlic) (optional)

  • Braising and back ribs 

  • Stewing beef (optional)

  • Heart, oxtail, tongue, liver, soup bones (optional) 

  • Steaks including: ribeye, tenderloin, t-bone, sirloin, sirloin tip, tri-tip, flat iron, flank, denver 

  • If there are certain cuts you would like that are not listed, you can write them down in our 'additional notes/special requests' section on our bulk beef order form

  • Choose roast size preference

  • If buying a full side or whole beef the thickness of steaks can be chosen. If purchasing a quarter you can expect steak thickness to be one inch and a quarter to one inch and a half.

Fill out our form and email it to us @

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